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Nike Case Analysis

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Discuss the key marketing strategy of Nike

Through the case, there are four highlights in the marketing strategy of Nike.

First, keep the brand image clear. Nike focus on designing innovative footwear and high-tech shoes. To clarify the brand image, Nike keep the activities, such as recycling old shoes into new shoes, quiet. Furthermore, Nike Plus technology was launched, which delivering and communicating the value to customers and plant the “high-tech” brand image into customers’ mind.

Second, Nike believed in a “pyramid of influence” in which top athletes influenced the product and the choices of others. Therefore, Nike featured accomplished athletes in its marketing campaigns and sponsored famous national teams. Specifically,Nike has aligned with   Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal to push its line of tennis clothing and gear. Moreover, in 1994 the victory of   Brazilian team ,which sponsored by Nike, in World Cup transformed the Nike’s image in Europe from a sneaker company into a brand that represented emotion, allegiance, and identification.

Thirdly, Nike pay attention to customer relationship management. In 2009, Nike launched a Tiger Web Talkback session where fans could ask question and hear Tiger talk about golf.

Fourthly, Nike adopt different market strategies in different market. In this case, Nike try to “authenticate” its brand in Europe, which is different from its U.S.-style ads.

As discussed above,these four factors--- clear brand image, excellent customer relationship, celebrity charm and different market campaign in different target market contribute to the success of Nike.


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