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"Burger Off" Case Study

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Summary of ‘burger off’
What is this text about? What is the main issue or problem raised in this text?
The news detailed report how local citizens in Tecoma protest against McDonald when McDonald decided to build an outlet in their town in 2012.
This issue is mainly about the duties and rights of McDonald and citizens in Tecoma. Both of them think they were doing right things.As for McDonald they hold the view that a new McDonald outlet can provide job opportunities to local citizens and stimulate development of local economic.They have the right to use and enjoyment of   their own land.
But on the other hand,the opponents insist that the reason for living there is to get away from the sameness of the suburbs and the rapacity of companies,but the new McDonald there would disturb   community pleasure by bring noise,traffic,crime,litter,smell and lights.Besides,they also objecting on health grounds,they raise concern that outlet would be within 100 meters of both a primary school and a pre-school .
How does the author address the problem?
The author give a descriptive account of the event that how related people and organizations (stakeholders)react when facing this issue:
Local people fight for their rights,including scrawling protest slogans on the fences;singing rebel songs;making online threats or even late-night phone calls;starting an opposition website,etc.
McDonald appeared to VCAT; agreed to a meeting;employed safety manager;They still can understand why people protest them and clam that supporters of the company have been intimidated.
The council support opponents and voted unanimously against the proposal.
VCAT(the Victorian Civil and Administration ) overturned the council’s decision and granted McDonald’s planning permission.
Besides,the author refer to some other community opposition that McDonald encountered in times past.
What is the main conclusion of this text? What recommendations (if any) are offered?
The case...


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