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A Good Conversation and a Good Conversationalist

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A good conversation and a good conversationalist
    When it comes to the word “conversation”, everyone is familiar with it. It is really a common thing in people’s daily life. To be honest, almost everyone, even some illiterates or some peasants in a low education, knows a thing or two about what a conversation is, but does anyone have ideas about what a good conversation is? I guarantee that few and few people can be able to conclude a clear definition of a good conversation.
    In general, a good conversation with several following characteristics must be attractive for common individuals. Firstly, it always has no themes. Just imagine an occasion. The conversation moved desultorily here and there, from the most commonplace to thoughts of Jupiter, without any focus and with no need for one. A good conversation, in essence, is just for fun. It needn’t any structure. Secondly, there is typically no standard English throughout a good conversation. A good conversation ought to be casual with no need of any limitation., while Standard English appears to be a little bit formal. A language barrier is potentially pesky and bewildering. A good conversation should not care who is right and who is wrong, and one should be ready to make a concession and just let it go ahead. Finally, a good conversation seems to be continuously fluent and coherent like running water. It is better for anyone to give a talk with no thinking. Everyone can say every word in that they are not deeply involved in each other’s lives. They are not intimates.
    As we know, a good conversation starts from a good conversationalist and comes from a group of conversationalists. By this I mean that being a good conversationalist is an indispensable factor for delivering a good conversation. A good conversationalist must be clear that there is no winning in conversation, and the best conversationalists are those who are prepared to lose and make concessions. The theme can be   continuously changeable...


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