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When 17th century philosopher René Descartes said “I think, therefore I am,” he was describing the power of our thoughts and beliefs. Taken a step further, we can also say, “You are what you think.”
Do you usually think, “I’m not good enough” or “I accept and like myself?”
If you answered the former, then it’s time to replace those limiting beliefs. They get you nowhere at work.
You are not alone. Many women, regardless of their upbringing, education, work experience, HZS180 Batching Plant
age, or position have issues with self-confidence at work in situations with potential employers, managers, co-workers, and subordinates.
Feeling insecure sabotages our efforts. What’s worse is that we telegraph how we feel about ourselves to others, who then take our cues and reflect them back to us, thereby perpetuating these feelings.
Working in what is still largely a male-dominated environment doesn’t help. Men still essentially own the workplace. Here’s some troubling statistics according to Mother Jones magazine:
• Since orchestras started requiring musicians to audition behind screens, the number of women hired has increased 20 percent.
• 86 percent of guests on Sunday morning political talk shows are men.
• Forty-two percent of female executives over 40 don’t have children. For full-time working fathers, each child correlates to a 2.1 percent earnings increase, while for working moms, it’s a 2.5 percent loss!
But despite the fact that women, and in particular, mothers, are still discriminated against, Mother Jones also reports that companies with women in top jobs see 35% higher returns than those without.
For those of you who may need some help strengthening your self-confidence in the
HZS150 Batching Plant workplace or anyplace, here’s a six-step process you can use. It parallels the coaching process and keeps the focus on…...


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