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Quality Management Theory

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Quality Management Theory
Joseph M. Juran’s major contribution to society was in the field of quality management and he is often called the father of quality (Juran's Global,2014). Perhaps most importantly, he is recognized as the person who added the managerial dimension to quality broadening it from its statistical origins (Juran's Global,2014). His contributions to quality were so important, and as a result, he is continually written about in many publications. Dr. Juran left us with many important fundamental methods and tools during his years as the leading expert in the field of Quality Management. His writings and teachings were an inspiration to organization leaders (Juran's Global,2014), quality professionals, and others in many nations. In his early teachings in Japan to executives and managers he emphasized the use of the managerial tools to achieve quality leadership. The Juran Trilogy is made up of three important managerial tools that work together to help organizations realize the full benefits of Quality Management in the pursuit of Quality Leadership (Juran's Global,2014). Quality improvement professionals communicate most effectively with managers when they use the language of management and finance (Juran's Global,2014). In this regard (Juran's Global,2014), the Juran Quality Trilogy provides a frame for linking finance and management to quality improvement.
The three trilogy components are:
• Quality planning- A key quality-planning objective is to design new processes to prevent repeating mistakes and without designing deficiencies into the new products (Juran's Global,2014), processes and services
• Quality control—keep the process working well is the managerial process that provides stability to prevent adverse change and to maintain the status quo
• Quality improvement—is the most important function to establish an ongoing healthcare organization, which needs to be done via special projects.
Acceptable quality is a prerequisite for...


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