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Vibrating Screen of Rolling Bearing Vibrating Screen

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When the rolling bearing turns,the rolling bearing maybe deforms at the role of loading causing vibration of a vibrating screen,which is the main reason of the vibration of vibrating screen rolling bearing. The vibration of the rolling bearing is mainly because of the vibration of the bearing ring,vibration of the retainer,vibration of the rolling element and the friction vibration.1.   The vibration of the bearing ring: The rolling bearing vibration is basically caused by the vibration of the bearing ring,which is related with factors that include the structure of the bearing, the stiffness of the bearing, the manufacturing precision of the bearing, installation conditions and the service condition of the bearing.2, The vibration of the retainer: The vibration of the retainer is mainly because of the vibration of the impacting between the retainer and vibrating roller when the bearing turns.It is with kinds of cyclic loading such as impact load and so on at the working of a vibrating screen,. Various kinds of alternating load,which will cause firm vibration of the retainer. This kind of vibration is generally believed that it is because of the self-excited vibration of retainer caused by the sliding friction between the rolling body and the retainer.3,The vibration of the rolling element: When the bearing mainly bears the radial loading and turns at a low speed,the rolling element will vibrate and fall down for the ball bearing and roller bearing of the large vibrating screen.When the bearing vibrating screen operate at the function of a radial impact load, and only several roller bearings bear loads of the internal,and a periodic vibration of the rolling body will be produced because of the elasticity contact with the ferrule and forming a "spring" by the radial load action line.4, Friction vibration: The vibration of rolling bearings is general because of the above several kinds of vibration that work together.Test showed that when running bearings is in normal...


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