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'White people have the same central need that black people do. All of us-blacks and whites- need to feel unconditionally loved more than anything else. By far. When we don't have enough Real Love, we reach out for whatever Mobile Continuous Mixing Plant
form of Imitation Love we can find, and one very common form that nearly all of us use is power. When we're in pain, we don't care who we get that feeling of power from either. Anybody will do. We look for characteristics in everybody—flaws, mistakes, defects, just anything different—that will give us some kind of advantage over those people, so we can feel stronger, better, superior.'
'So if somebody passes by us,' I continued, 'who is shorter, or weaker, or poorer, or who limps, or lisps, or smells bad, or dresses poorly, or has an accent, we love that, because now we have one more person who is less than us in some way. These people, simply by virtue of some flaw-or even difference—make us feel better and more powerful by comparison, and we really enjoy that feeling. The more we highlight their flaws and differences, in fact, the more superior and powerful we can feel. We get that feeling of power over people who are different in any way—if they're gay, if they go to a different church, if they attend a different school, if they come from a different country, if they Commercial concrete batching plant manufacturer trader cost
don't wear the latest fashion, if they're poor, whatever—so imagine what an easy target people make for us when their differences are especially obvious: if they're short, for example, or ugly, or fat, or black. If a white person doesn't feel loved, he'll look down on another person for being black as just one of many, many ways to feel less helpless and alone. But it's not about race. It's about a lack of Real Love and a desperate need for Imitation Love, in this case power.'
'I just learned more about racism in two minutes than I've learned in twenty...


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