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Interview Essay

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Corey White: Goal Setting
I   have   interviewed   Corey   White   to   find   out   some   things   about   him   and   his   life   inside   and   out   of   school. He   has   let   me   in   on   his educational   and   career   goals,   his   inspiration   to   pursue   these   goals, and   a   few   of   his   interests. First   I   want   to   talk   about   his   goals, Corey   has   set   goals   both   academically   and   career   oriented. College   students,   including   Corey,   have   come   to   realize   that   to   achieve   the goals   they   have   set   forth, it   takes   hard   work, dedication,   and   time. To   achieve   these   goals   there   has   to   be   a   set   plan, a   plan   that   will help   keep   you   on   track   and   focused   on   these   goals. His   academic goals   are   to   finish   with   basics   and   move   on   to   automotive technician,   which   he   hopes   to   be   his   career   one   day. In   this   interview   I   will   be   telling   you   about   some   of   Corey’s   life   goals. Corey,   like   so   many   other   college   students, also   holds   a   steady   job, Corey   works   at   a   local   grocery   store, Winn   Dixie   where   sometimes   it   can   be   a   late   night   early   morning   job, while   attending   Gadsden   State, which   can   be   difficult   for   some. In   today’s   time   college   students   have   a   lot   to   work   around, most   have   jobs   and   some   may   have   bills.   College   conflicts   with   things   like   a   job, weekly   and   monthly   budgets, and   a   social   life. Most   of   us   would   love   to   have   a   social   life   outside   of   school   and   work, but   that’s   rather   difficult   when   you   are   also   on   a   tight   budget. Corey   stated   in   the   interview   that   his   parents   were   his   inspiration, most   of   us   have   some   kind   of   inspiration   as   to   why   we   want   to   go   to   school   and   further   our   education   so   we   can   get   a   good   job   later   on   in   life. Getting   a   good   job   is   very   crucial, Corey’s   career   path   as   an   automotive   technician   will   be   very...


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