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Roller Dryer Plays an Important Role in the New Times

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The china dryer system equipment centralized control ,reducing the operating personnel ,improve working efficiency ,reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

Perfect centralized control system ,installing temperature sensor ,through the control of sludge drying drum outlet temperature and fan operation chain .when the temperature exceeds the set value ,the sludge drying system of automatic shutdown ,promptly and effectively eliminated because of cutting temperature high ,the drying and finished sludge mositure low dust phenomenon and the stablity of the sludge drying finished water.equipment to normal production in sudden power failure ,operator dose not need to take any stress measures inside the drum will not fire .this phenomenon indicates that the cosmos licensing drying cylinder temperature is very low ,according to rule sand operation will not cause fire .

The dryer in the same size ,the wind speed of roller dryer of Hongxing than the traditional drum dryer wind seed is improved by 50-or so ,but the material storage volume increased instead of decreased two times.This phenmenon is due to the material “reciprocation”role and the material “multi loop movement”has nothng to do.The heat insulation material is adopted on sludge drying system for interated heat treatment ,greatly reduces the heat invalid sporadic,effectively improve the sludge dryer heat energy utilization rate ,reduce fuel consumption and reduces the drying workshop,workshop temperature.

Explore potrential ,improve the flour dryer production capacity ;straighten out the conveying system,shortening the route ,reduce the reprint link ;transformation of chute,avoid blocking ,risked a phenomenon ;a new 200 square meters of closed coal shed is used to store the dried slime ,replace the bad effect of steel coal bunker.Durig normal production ,equipment from the host observation mouth looks at the main burner don’t see any fire .Even the smallest equipment drum length of only 3 meters long...


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