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The Role of Canada in the Rwandan Genocide

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The Role of Canada in the Rwandan Genocide

Teresa Min
Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School

Introduction 3
The role of Canada in the Rwandan genocide 4
Conclusion 6
Reference 8

      There has been a trend of mass murders from the very beginning of the human civilization because of many petty issues like religion, political invasion or imposed control over humanity by super powers. However, form the 19th century onwards; there was a high expedition of religious and political leaders for ideological acceptance and expansion of their territory to maximum. This further instigated the growth of conflicts among the independent nations resulting in devastating cruelty in the form of mass murders also called as genocide. This genocide took place because of no repulsion or revolt against it by any of the worldwide communities or any of the leaders of the nations and allowed free invasion of many territories and states along with a lot of blood shedding.
      The genocide of Rwanda is indeed one of the most intensive killing campaigns in human history. It was a result of ethnic division that persisted in the Rwandan society from centuries but emerged only after the colonial rule. It was basically an emergence because of the two ethnic groups, the Hutu and the Tutsi. History reveled that the Tutsis had been the powerful ruling class despite of being the minority class which developed a sense of hatred and rivalry amongst the majority class, the Hutus. As per the population of Rwanda in 1994, there were approximately about 85% of Hutus, 14% of Tutsis and about 1% of Twa (the Pygmy Tribe). The hatred of Hutus towards the Tutsis also resulted in the tense arena of politics. The Hutus also feared that the population of Tutsi might increase in future under the social, political and economic pressures. (Beardsley, 2008) To add on to the miseries of Tutsis, the president Habyarimana increased the division between the Tutsi and Hutus in...


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