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Analyze the Brief Solutions of Spiral Classifier Failure

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Spiral classifier, as grading equipment, has been widely used in the concentrator. And it is with ball mills in closed circuits process shunt mineral sands, or gravity concentrator grading ore and fine mud, and it is used in metal beneficiation processes of pulp particle size classification and washing off the mud, dehydration and other work. The device has a simple structure, reliable work and easy operation. The spiral classifier is also known as screw classifier, screw separation mahcine or screw seprator.

A series of classifiers produced by Hongxing Machinery are widely used for shunting mineral sands in dressing plant by combining with ball mills to form closed circuits, or grading ore and fine mud in gravity concentrator, particle size classifying of pulp in metal beneficiation process, as well as the dehydration and other operations in washing operations. The classifier has features of simple structure, reliable operation, easy operation, etc.

Spiral separato will appear frequently this or that problem in the course. Here’s a brief introduction of spiral classifier’s common failures and solutions:

1. Broken shaft: this is usually because the quantity of sand returns is big and small, load is uneven, the processing quality of the shaft material is poor; the installation is not straight or shaft is bent. It can be solved by welding or shaft to change.

2. Spiral leaf or bent spokes: this is due to the large amount of sand and sand tank is blocked ,and returning sand is too much; Before the lift of driving screw is not enough,. You can fix or replace spiral leaf or the spokes.

3. Lift rod vibration: This might be because the shaft head is bending; the sand is into the lower shaft head. And you can clean the shaft head.

4. Lifting gear drops idling: this is because the tank is too much grit. You can put grit to solve by digging.

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