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Drone Wars

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Kenneth Crawford
Summary/Response essay
                                        Drone Warfare
      The Next Drone Wars preparing for proliferation by: Sarah Kreps and   Micah Zenko explains how over time Drones have evolved from remote control b-17 bombers with explosives stuffed into there underbelly. To new age high tech unmanned aircraft. Invented by General Henry Arnold who was top commander of the US Army Air Forces back in World War II. The remote controlled B-17 bombers were used to attack German U boats and beach defense ports. Even though the project was scrapped General Arnold stated in a memo to his staff that “if you can get mechanical machines to do this you are saving lives at the outset” (Kreps) so that are pilots are not in the line of fire. Armed Drones are starting to rule the skies. The US is leading the push in Drone research but not for long. “Since 2004 only 41 countries have Drones of some kind, by 2011, that number had reached 76”(Kreps). The article goes on to state how George W. Bush and President Obama have showed no restraint in there use of violent force towards suspected enemies. Since 2008 the United States have conducted over 2,300 Drone strikes in the middle east conflicts. Since there has been so   many strikes around the world from the US and other countries the article states that there should be a international regime that conducts investigations and holds countries accountable for there actions when it comes to Drone use and Drone strikes.  
      Drones have come along way in the last   century and are evolving every d   ay.   Unlike the old remote control B-17 bombers, The new Drones have everything you can think of from laser guided tracking systems to ground to air missile defense systems. They can fly faster and pack a heavy explosive load with pinpoint accuracy, And can do all this stuff with the pilot back at some base far away from where the action is taking place . If we...


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