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The Wars; Robert Ross

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Roberts Relationships with his family

Robert had mix relationships with each of his family members. Robert and his mother Mrs. Ross weren't as close as Robert and his father was, besides the death of Rowena Mrs. Ross shows her motherly concern for Robert when it is needed, Robert also shows his mother the respect she deserves. Mrs. Ross bought chocolate bars ut to every soldier but before she could even go see Robert she had consumed so much alcohol already, she could barely walk or stand up. Even though Mrs. Ross seems like she has no interest in her son that changed my opinion about her because when Robert was reported to be “missing in action”. This news sent Mrs. Ross in a state where she would just hysterically cry, because of this Mrs. Ross can no longer do anything extreme without her son Robert by her side.
Robert Ross and his Father; Thomas Ross had a close bond. They both cared very much for each other. Thomas was both a mentor and a role model to Robert as he grew up. He was the more loving parent in the family and the less strict on his children that Mrs. Ross was. He tried to help out Robert as much as he could when he enrolled in the army, sending him clothes, clothes boots and even a gun.   Unlike Mrs. Ross it was Thomas that wanted to find out when Robert would be in Montreal, so he could see his son possibly for the last time. It was also Thomas who taught Robert how to ride a horse. Robert chose to do as he though his father would have done. When Robert asked his father for a pistol to fight in the war with it was Tom who supplied the gun for him. In the end, it was only Tom who showed up out of the whole family to see Robert buried.

Rowena was Roberts older sister she had water in the brain since birth. She died at the age of 25 when she fell out of her wheelchair in their barn. Robert treated himself as he was Rowenas Guardian and when she died, he felt guilt and remorse for not being there to protect her. Robert felt a connection with...


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