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Working Precautions of Vibrating Screen Machine

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Vibrating screen extension can all kinds slurry quickly remove insoluble solids, and continuous slag. The granules may be powder particles of different sizes into segments. Single vibration screen extension to five layers can be equipped with screens, continuous sub-elect and control the grain size of 2-6 smaller size range. High-performance vibratory screen in high-traffic process, can quickly remove a large percentage of low-particles or small particles.

When you first run the vibrating screen machine, you need to pay attention to six issues in order to ensure achieve the best effect.

1. Before running vibration screen, make the chassis channel fixed on the basis of a solid base needs to be fixed, so that the front and rear bearing seat height difference ipsilateral consistent with the same end (end feed or discharge end) on both sides the support base plate in the same horizontal plane, errors are less than 2mm, namely gridiron at the state level.

2. The part of the straight line connecting sieve must be solid and reliable, all without any loose bolts, each part shall not have any abnormal sound, the smallest gap on the part of the vibration sieve machine part and the surrounding fixture is between 30-50mm, inspection machine beam ring screw body frame is locked.

3. The linear deformation of the smaller screen frame made ​​of wood, for holding a flat screen tension, to the normal screening. If you can use a larger proportion of production or large mesh metal screen frame in the machine, you need to pay attention to check whether the screen paved.

4. vibratory screen during transport, in order to increase its rigidity strength will increase transportation support, be sure to remove the transport support before you boot, otherwise it will affect the work of vibration shaker, also cause serious damage to the machine.

5. After the first boot to observe the trajectory of materials, according to screening material transferred to the state of...


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