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Conveyor Belt Is Key in Stone Production Line

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Relevant personnel should be far away from equipment, if need to computer repair shall be carried out after the shutdown. Note: the conveyor belt in china failure due to a sudden stop, before the accident treatment and ready to drive, must remove the crushing cavity extrusion ore, quasi driving operation. conveyor belt in china in the use of operation, should be regular maintenance and periodic maintenance. System conveyor belt in china operation before the inspection work: 1 check the lubricating oil pipe is connected firmly, before commissioning should be re added oil, add Mobil vehicle lubricating grease. 2. check the connection of the parts, should be solid and reliable, carefully check whether there are foreign bodies such as impeller, there should be excluded.

3. check motor wiring is correct, the voltage is normal. Regular downtime open door window observing system conveyor belt in china internal wear, center feeding tube conical cap, wear, impeller, flow channel lining board, circular plate, wear-resisting block wear, should be promptly replaced or repaired, replaced wear-resisting block should be replaced, ensure wear-resisting block weight. It is prohibited to open door window observing internal workings conveyor belt in china work process, in order to avoid danger. With the increasing demands of construction aggregate, Hongxing has made an rapidly growth in technology, and has made great contribution to development of many mines in the world. Send us an email into sinohxjq@hxjq.com for more details?

Find the impeller body wear change in time looking for manufacturer of repair. In the installation of belt before, start the motor, rotation to be with conveyor belt in china plate direction if the opposite direction signs, should adjust the motor wiring, the rotation direction is consistent with the label direction, must not be allowed to turn in the opposite direction.

5 for the double motor drive, spindle assembly and motor assembly is connected...


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