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Examine How the Paris Peace Settlements (1919-23) Established a New International Order.

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History essay 1                                    

Examine how the Paris Peace Settlements (1919-23) established a new international order.

An international order means how the world exist, work and co-related to each other, which could explain in different aspects included political, military, economic and diplomatic. In the following paragraphs, how Paris Peace Settlements during 1919-23 established a new international order would be explained.

In the political aspect, the new international order characterized by the declination of Europe and marked by the rise of US. Before 1914, the world was dominated by Europe. European countries were strong in terms of economic and military power. The European countries are industrialized; they have high competiveness between each others in foreign goods. They have the power to establish overseas colonies. Thus, European countries have very strong military strength which was showed in the arms race between different countries. However, during the Paris Peace Settlements US became one of the big three, and have large authority over the drafting of treaties. After WWI, European countries were exhausted. Britain, for example, she became one of the world’s largest debtors with interest payments that formed around 40% of the government spending.

In the new international order, the design of map had changed—new states were created and the Paris Peace Settlements leaded the declination of European empires. Before 1914, it was an age of empires, there are: German Empire, Austria-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Russian Empire etc. After 1923, the fall of empires occurred, Russia fell after the October Revolution, became the first communist country and German Empire became republic (Weimar Republic) after the German revolution. In the Paris Peace Settlement, Austria-Hungarian Empire had splitted into Austria and Hungary due to Treaty of St.Germain and Ottoman Empire declined largely; it had lost territory due to...


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