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Advertising Ethics

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Advertising Ethics  
Volume I: What is advertising ethics
1. Confucius' view about advertisement.
2.Definition of advertising ethics
VolumeⅡ: Ethical and Unethical advertisements
3. Why advertisements should be ethical.
4. An instance of unethical advertising
5.An example about ethical advertising
Volume Ⅲ Conclusion
7 .Clarity is not difficult to attain.

What is advertising ethics
  A disciple of Confucius once said to him "There is a beautiful gem here. Shall I put in a case and lay it by; or shall I seek for a good price and sell it?"
  "Sell it by all means," answered Confucius," Sell it by all means; but, if I were you, I should wait until the price was offered."
  What I learned from this dialogue is that even a long time ago there was advertisement; if you want to sell products by advertising, the essential thing is the product itself has good quality. In other words, even though doing advertising campaigns should obey ethics. The advertising ethics here mean all advertising should be legal, decent, honest. Apart from that every advertisement should be prepared with a sense of social responsibility and should conform to the principles of fair competition, as generally accepted in business. No advertisement should be such as to impair public confidence in advertising.
Ethical and Unethical advertisements
  When it comes to advertising ethics, it also requires sellers to promote products or service in true way. It means doing publicity in the appropriate, honest, and focused way. Advertisements inform initially popularize which instill customers' desire to purchase, some     customers are easily influenced and manipulated by the advertisements, far more than they realize, in the patterns of everyday lives. For individuals unethical advertisements violate consumers' right which is knowing the truth, for society, it is an obstacle to establish a good market order ; in addition , consumers are not robots .Since they are consciously aware of appeals...


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