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Sawdust Dryer and Rotary Dryer in Hongxing

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Sawdust dryer with different diameters are concentrically formed a mosaic with each other, as the main dryer. Wet material from the feeding device into the sawdust dryer cylinder, contact with hot flue gas. High temperature flue gas convection, radiation, conduction, etc. heat to wet material after the material is heated, the water evaporates into the dry medium, which is the mass transfer process.

The main level through both ends of the rotating wheel with four supporting wheel on both ends , the feed end of the cylinder has oil, gas, coal, etc. Stove devices. Discharge end was equipped with a dust cover and automatic feeding device. Dust cover and dust catcher are connected through a pipe, dust removal equipment, feeding equipment and transportation equipment may be designed based on the requirements of process conditions according to users. Sawdust Dryer is mainly used for dryingcertain humidity range of granular materials,such as dry mortar used by the industry ,fuondry industry with various specifications of sand.Building materials used in cement industry.

Rotary Dryer body having a certain inclination of the rotary cylinder, the other with combustion exhaust, dust collection, feeding devices. It is based on high-temperature gas as the drying medium, into the dryer exhaust devices in the suction tube. In the process of heat transfer and mass transfer, since the rotary cylinder material kept constant motion and flowing from the high-low end, driven by the exhaust gas flow from the high pressure at the low pressure, the movement , the material is discharged dryer after drying, the exhaust gas back into the atmosphere through the dust collector.

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