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How to Kill a Mocking Bird

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Anissia Roper
September 27, 2014

How To Kill A   Mockingbird
This is the point in the book and movie where everything is attacking Atticus because they become aware that hes defending a black man .   One person who criticizes him the most is Mrs . Dubois the old mean lady from across the street.   In the book you get a clearer picture   about this scene , but one day Mrs. Dubois   tells the children that Atticus is not any better than the “niggers and trash he works for,” page 31 and Jem loses his temper. Jem takes a baton from Scout and destroys all of Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes. As punishment, Jem must go to her house every day for a month and read to her. Scout accompanies him and they endure Mrs. Dubose’s abuse and peculiar fits, which occur at the end of every reading session. Each session is longer than the one before. Mrs. Dubose dies a little more than a month after Jem’s punishment ends. Atticus reveals to Jem that she was addicted to morphine and that the reading was part of her successful effort to combat this addiction.   In the movie there is no mention of   Ms.Dubois on any kind of drugs.
Another thing thats diffrent about the book then the movie is there a mention of relatives :   Aunt Alexandra, Uncle Jack, and several other members of the Finch family are mentioned throughout the story but are nowhere to be found in movie. By chapter 12 , by this time, Jem has reached the age of twelve, and he begins to demand that Scout “stop pestering him” and act more like a girl. Scout becomes upset and looks forward desperately to Dill’s arrival in the summer. To Scout’s disappointment, however, Dill does not come to Maycomb this year. He sends a letter saying that he has a new father (presumably, his mother has remarried) and will stay with his family in Meridian. To make matters worse, the state legislature, of which Atticus is a member, is called into session, forcing Atticus to travel to the state capital every day for two weeks.


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