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A My Ife

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All of my life I have known I have wanted to be something more.   Someone who is something in this amazing world. There is so many things people take advantage of and they don’t even notice it. And, I’m no different.
There being so many paths and choices available to everyone people go crazy. Most teenagers and young adults still have no idea what they want in life. I don’t even know where to start. Like every great man and women before me I have dreams and goals too. I want to look back in the hour knowing I have no regrets. Knowing I did all I could and pushed the extra mile even when times were rough.
As a kid I dreamed of being a super hero. Like Bat Man, Flash, Green Arrow, and even Supper Man. But, who was I kidding. There’s no way I could drive a bat car, run thousands of miles across the world in a day, shoot arrows like a pro, or shoot lasers out of my eyes. I’m not special like that I don’t have cool powers. But wait! I do have a cool supper power. I can be a super hero. I can be something bigger in life. My supper power is my will to push forward in life without giving up. I might not be some big time hero but I can be a small time hero right here in my community and to the people who believe in me.
My dream isn’t just a single dream; I dream of being a police officer, to protect the community when in need. A corrections officer, to secure all the bad men and women who need to be rehabilitated for making wrong choices. Or even a probation officer; one to watch over certain individuals in life as they be given a second chance in life to do better and change. No one has to be a super hero who’s recognized. I can be my own hero, and that’s all that matters in the end.
Knowing I have the opportunity to be this strong person there’s nothing I could use as an excuse no to jump and grasp this dream. So finally I have the chance to take the first step towards a rewarding feature and I’m going to take it.
Being that I want to be this person I chose to...


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