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Video Games

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Videogames Benefits
Computer gaming has become a $25 billion-a year entertainment business behemoth since the first coin-operated commercial videogames hit the market 41 years ago. In 2010, gaming companies sold 257 million videos and computer games, according to figures compiled by the industry's trade group, the Entertainment Software Association. Every year the importance of videogames are increasing. When anything getting more popular and main stream, it is normal to bring some controversy with its success. But, this very few negative outcomes should not discredit the many benefit that videogames offer.
In essay, “Just One More Game . . . : Angry Birds, Farmville, and Other Hyper addictive Stupid Games.,” Sam Anderson concludes that video games are stupid, addictive and time wasting nonsense. The author used his personal experience to show how videogames controlled his life. It is apparent from the essay that Anderson has reached the point where he lost free will to when to stop playing the game. While it’s dangerous and destructing the author experience with videogames, but balanced and planed videogame benefit a lot. Contrary to Anderson claims, there are many ways that videogames provide benefits for peoples. Videogames, played on plan, are invaluable tools for people as entertainment, good educational medium and brain development.
As entertainment medium, video games provide better alternatives of recreational media for all ages of people. Most opponent of video games argues that videogames waste
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time unnecessarily. It is not only video games, but spending too much time on any activity without plan is unnecessary. For everything there is a time, there is a time for study, there is a time for work and there is a time for play. In contrast to very damaging bad habits that affecting young people these days, video games don’t inflict serious harm as smoking-cigarette, drinking alcohol, or hanging out in street. When there is no available...


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