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Life Lesson on Being Bullied

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High school only takes a few years in your life, but the memories are what really stick with you till the end. Whether they were great memories or unpleasant ones, it’s these four years that you seem to never forget. Teenagers feed on the attention they’re given and are likely they will go as far as bringing others down just to get a reaction out of another. It’s common for teenagers to pick on each other so it is typically overlooked because it seems harmless. But bullying is far from harmless, it can tear someone apart inside, changing everything they once thought about themselves, depressing their feelings and how they view their self; but I learned that what others say don’t really affect you in the long run and that I should rise above the hatred I received.

Since 6th grade I had been bullied and sexually harassed by a group of dumb boys. Up until 9th grade they would tease me and call me a “slut” but in the early years of this name calling I just brushed it off because I knew I was more “developed” than other sixth and seventh grade girls. But it was still going on in my first year of high school so it began to get to me and I thought maybe I was doing something to come off that way. But I was modest and friendly and never did anything classified as “slutty” so I began to talk down about myself over something I thought I was doing wrong and began to stop talking to the majority of my class. The group of boys began telling me I would never get a boyfriend unless I lost weight and quit flirting with everything that moved. But I thought my body was perfect, and my “flirting” was only me being a friend. So again, I quit doing anything and stuck talking to just two friends for the next years. I knew I didn’t genuinely believe the things they called me, but hearing it on the daily weakened me.

After my 9th grade year my mom noticed my feelings depressing and pulled me out of public school and into connections academy. Without the bullying and sexual...


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