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How Far Do Sources 1 and 2 Support the View of the Relationship Between Britain and Ireland Explained in Source 3?

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Source 3 suggests that the relationship between Britain and Ireland is dire, but doesn’t highlight on the relationship but more so on the “squalid ape-hood” of the Irish. The source states that the Irish “darken all our towns” and describes them as “the sorest evil this country has to deal with”, also stating that the Irish man is primarily there to offer work “for wages that will buy him tomatoes”. As well as this it goes on to state that “the time has come when the Irish population must either be improved a little or else exterminated”. All of this however was written by Thomas Carlyle a famous British writer, showing that in the time it was written (1839) the relationship itself between the British and Irish was non existent, the fact that he even goes to the lengths of suggesting the   “exterminating” of the Irish population shows the actual atrocious views on the Irish by the British, the fact that he is also labelled as a 'famous' British writer shows that his views were not his own and that they were likely to be the views of the time between the populations.

Both source 1 and 2 offer idea's on the relationship between the Irish and British but go against each other in what they say, with source 2 referring to Daniel O'Connell (the speaker in source 1) throughout. Source 3 highlighted the strain and torrid relationship between the Irish and British in view by the writer, these are somewhat met by source 1, but not source 2. source 1, however not going into detail about the relationship between the two at present, it does state that “the connection cannot continue if you maintain the Union on its present basis” and source 2 states that the relationship between the two should stay stating they owe all their improvements in; manufacture, Belfast and their harbours to the union. Source 2 was written by the leader of the Protestant cause where as source 1 was written by the Catholic Irish Nationalist leader, showing that ideas by the two are likely to be...


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