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Maryam Ajalli
Professor I.M. Lancaster
English 132
28 September 2014
        Technology and Social Manner
With increasing of technologies that are able to overcome the time and space, one would think that these tools would be used to gain an understanding of other cultures, meet people all over the world, develop relationships, communicate effectively with others, and help people to become more socially adept. As Hendricks states “ technology has brought forth a revolutionary transformation in the way we communicate with each other”(16). As we progress, various technological devices such as the television, hand phones, and personal computers have come and established themselves in our everyday lives. Although these technologies provide great convenience, they have a bunch of deep impact on social manner which cause individuals endure several social changes causing by the global adoption of the technology.
Due to the extreme convenience the technology provides, more and more people, especially teenagers, are becoming hooked on it and as a result, more isolated from the real world.   In fact, technology has indeed changed the way people communicate. According to a recent study by Weaver, Americans teenagers and young people aged 13 to 24 spend an average of 16.7 hours online every week, excluding email time. Television time comes in second place, with an average 13.6 hours per week spent in front of the TV. She also suggested that listening to the radio and talking on the phone are in the third and fourth position (Weaver). This has reduced the communication between parents and their children due to the lack of quality time spent together. In fact, the mental distance between the family members could start problems within the community. As Stewart notes, “we are now more connected in today’s globalized world, but are ironically more isolated from our friends and family as a result of the new technologies”(965).
Fig 1. Technology in the workplace
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