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Thinking Critical Activity 9.3
Jacqueline George
Basic Critical Thinking Class
Week 4-1
Everest University

The two dilemmas that I picked to write about are the lifeboat and the patient. I picked these two because I can relate to the patient one and my friend’s story can be related to the lifeboat dilemma.

The life boat for the moral dilemma is that I am a captain. The ship struck an iceberg and sank. There are thirty survivors. The life boat only holds up to seven people. So the captain has to decide who should get out of the lifeboat or it will sink everyone. My view as the captain is that I personally will get off because the survivors are more important than the captain. My basis for having people get off is that I think would not be the children. So if there is 6 kids under 12 I would keep them on the lifeboat. Then there is one pregnant woman that will of course stay because if she dies then its two souls that the captain doesn’t want to lose. So that 7 out of 30 people. But the kids could sit on the laps of 6 adults. if there were older people that have health issues they will be able to decision themselves if they want to jump over or stay. There were 10 older people ages over 65 +. 2 out of the 10 wanted to stay on the boat. 8 of them volunteered to jump over board. So the total on the life boat is 9 people. There were up to 4 adults that volunteer to jump off. Then they were 3 teens that stay on the lifeboat. So there was one sit left open. There were families of the kids that are on the lifeboat. So it had to be either the mom or the dad that had to be saved. I didn’t want more kids not to have a home. The mom got to stay on the life boat with her kids. It was a very difficult for them to choose who.   Then there were 3 people that I didn’t think should stay on the lifeboat because one of them was a drug addict. The second one was a wife beater. And the third one was a convicted murderer that got off for no evident that he did it. I...


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