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Curb Overwork, Benefits or Sufferings?

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Curb overwork, benefits or sufferings?
As increasingly extensive access of Internet allows communication more readily, the work hours of employees have been invisibly extended. Some government have formulated laws to constrain working time recently. Apart from its reasons, the pros and cons on the act will be spelled out in this essay.

The measurement is probably based on the fact that the prolonged working time poses a serious threat to health of individuals both physically and psychologically. Frequent overwork deprived employees of their recreation time on work-out or recreation, thus increasing the risk of physical illness, like obesity, heart diseases as well as psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. Worse still, it is engaging in working that spends the time when was spared for their family or friends, making themselves more lonely and isolated than ever before. In addition, the unconscious overwork violates individual’s rights covered by the Labor Protection Act. In this way, it is justified that the limitation of working time was launched at a legal level.

It is plausible that the working time limited by laws, from the perspective of employees, help them identify their rights and secure their benefits. Without the deterrent effect of penalty, employers would be more likely to extend work time constantly for sake of their profits. At the same time, it also enhanced citizen’s fitness and boosted their sense of happiness, coupled with strengthening the degrading family bonds and community cohesion.

It is also argued that regulation of working time could impede the economic progress and social function. less tasks could be completed with the shortened hours , so as to slow down the running of a company, which must be the last thing the employers would like to see. Furthermore, if some public service section, like public transport, hospitals in particular, were forced to adjust length of working time, the entire society could have to face...


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