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The Role of Women

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Is there actually a role for women? Women are depreciated and raped of their identity. A woman’s role in society varies from person to person. There is a common agreed view of what a woman’s role is, although there are a few people who disagree. The most common view of a woman’s role in society is very different today than it was years and years ago. Years ago a woman was to stay at home, raise the children, cook and clean, etc. Today a woman’s role is almost the same as a man’s. I say almost because men still seem to view woman as inferior. This topic was and will always be a major topic in society, because it has so much controversy behind it.
          A woman’s role has changed over time. Traditionally, men were the hunters and women the gatherers. Women stayed at home while men worked. World War II caused a great change in the United States and other countries as women left their homes to work in factories to support the war effort since all the men were at war. Eventually, women fought for equal rights under the law, the right to vote and now, many women run large companies. Throughout history, society has stereotyped women, making it merely impossible for women to achieve her goals and desires in life. In life, women have always been treated as second best by biased men. I used to always say that yes by nature men are and will always be stronger than women physically, but emotionally and mentally women will always have the upper hand. Women have always been treated like they are never good enough for careers outside of the home. The sex of a person should not determine what type of duties or what kind of job a person will have. It should be up to a person's own will not the decisions of society. This strongly connects to the essay I want A wife by Judy Brady. In the essay, Brady explained why she would want a wife. Wives are created to be servants to men and their husband’s children. Wives have no rest because they are too busy taking care of their...


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