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Washburn Case Study

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1. What factors are most likely to affect the demand for the lines of Washburn guitars (a) bought by a first-time guitar buyer and (b) bought by a sophisticated musician who wants a signature model?
  a) Bought by a first-time guitar buyer: Firstly, consumer tastes will influence a guitar purchase.   Is the buyer male or female?   Where do they live and what kind of music has influenced these buyers growing up?   What kind of guitars do their favorite musicians play and what sounds are these musicians known for making?   Most importantly for music age will be a key factor.   In comparison,   a first time buyer such as Professor (Add your professor’s name) might try to emulate the Minnesota born artist Bob Dylan of the 60’s sound as opposed to myself who would buy a guitar based upon emulating the punk rock band Blink 182 of the 90’s. Secondly, price and availability of similar products will be the largest influence on first time buyers.   Is this first time buyer purchasing their guitar as a gift for their kids or are they are buying it for themselves?   Buyers will compare models of different brands in a specific price range.   If it is the buyers first time they will likely be looking for the best price.   Thirdly, consumer income will play a role in a first time purchase of a guitar on the micro level of perceived job security and on the marco level through the economic state of a particular buyer’s nation.  
  b)   Bought by a sophisticated musician who wants a signature model: Firstly, consumer taste is going to play the largest role for a sophisticated musician as opposed to the first time buyer who will consider price to be the influencing factor.   The same demographic questions should be asked for a sophisticated buyer, but will more specific.   Who taught these musicians how to play and who were the artists which influenced those teachers?   What direction might their band members be looking to take their music and what kinds of sounds are they looking to make?...


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