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In Oak Terrace

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In Oak Terrace, by Tony Connor
The title ‘In Oak Terrace’ by Tony Connor could imply a range of things, but it is about the life of an old lady experiencing old age and loneliness.   These characteristics are drawn by mentioning that the old woman is watching television in order to keep her company.   The theme of the poem is very depressing.

“Old and alone, she sits at nights nodding before the television”, gives a clear idea that the old woman is stuck in this endless routine.   It also gives a sense that the television is her only company.   Apart from loneliness it also portrays the transformation and development of her life within the same house.   The old woman has encountered many mishaps that have left a mark in her memory. It   mentioned that the woman lost her husband, and can either be that he abandoned her or he was dead.   She felt neglected from her children who are older now and they don’t visit.   When people get old no one bothers to look after   them.

In the phrase “watches a cowboy’s killing, reads the local Births and Death’s” determines that the poem is dominated by death and this reflects the mood of solitude and loneliness.   There could be various reasons why she’s looking out for the local births and deaths.   This could be because she is looking for a person that she knew and is no longer in   contact with, or it could be that she is   wondering if her name will ever be on the list.   She also mentions her child’s death.   “At midnight she says her silly prayers”   despite all the misfortunes that occurred in her life she is still has faith in God.   At the end of the poem the old woman resigned herself that she’s approaching death, until the day comes and rests in peace.   She says her prayers,   takes her teeth out and collects her night things, reflects that she is ready to rest.

Albeit everyone's fear of death, ‘In Oak Terrace’ delivers a message that life is full of ups and downs and despite all the misfortunes anyone can experience, only through...


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