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Tribes as Indegeneous People

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In   India   the term ‘’Adivasis’’   have   gained   lot   of popularity   in   the   last   few   years . Adivasis   is   a   contentious   term   because   it   is   used   to   describe   tribes   as   indigenous   people . The   term   tribes   as   a   social   category   has not   only   emerged   after   the independent   post   colonial   state   but   it   has   also   been used   prior   to the   colonial   state   to   describe   the   community   which   is   excluded   from   the mainstream   of   the   society .
In   the   article   ‘’ Tribes   as   indigenous   people ‘’   Virginius   Xaxa   talks   about   the   status   and   condition of   the   tribal   communities   and   how they   are marginalized   and   misunderstood . There   are   more   than   1000   million   adivasis   in India , and   more   than   8%   of   the   population . Here   the   focus   of   the   article   is   how   the   tribes   have   been   put   into   the   mainstream   of the   society   by   becoming   caste , class , peasants   and   so   on .   Here   they   have   given   three   aspects   when   we   conceptualize   the   indigenous   people . First   - the   indigenous   people   who live   in   a   country   to   which   they   belong   before the   colonization . second – these   people have   their   own   social   economic   and   cultural   institution   that   the   laws   that   are   applicable to   the   society . So   the   question   raised   in   this   article   are   were   the   tribes   are   the   natives   of   India   or   they   are   not   the   natives   are   their   settlements   prior   to   the social   group   i.e.   Aryans .   There   are   some   Aryans   like   Mizo   and   other   tribal   like   Nagas   which   have   come   after   the   Aryans .   Therefore   there   are   tribes   which   are indigenous   and non-indigenous .   Interestingly   tribes   are   not   the   only   Dravidians   and   Asiatic   but   also   the   Aryan because   if   we   exclude   Indo-Aryan   the   we   also   tend   to   exclude   Tibeto-Burman   family .
The   relation   between   tribes   and   non   tribes   is   of   mutual co-existence   until   the   British   period . It   is   less...


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