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Talk About Advantages and the Disadvantages About Globalization.

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In this day and age, the human society is progressing rapidly on various fronts. The gaps among countries are getting less evidently. Individuals can purchase everything in their own countries rather than go abroad costly. However, this phenomenon has drown widespread attention which some people concern the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages, whereas others debate this may be not true.

There many reasons for some people believe that the upsides take up a more essential position in our lives. With the development of international trade, people can buy foreign products without steps out home. The television channels expand our outlooks and we can image what things look like out of our country. At the same time, co-operating with each country improves national power and can generate more employable chances. Currently, the global village provides us with more opportunities to enjoy our life.

Admittedly, globalization is a two-edged sword. For instance, the proliferation of English may make some lesser-known languages become obsolete. Culture homogeneity is one of aspects of globalization and can lead the disappearing of some historical culture. In my country, as the western culture affect China in some extend, that many historical buildings were teared down in order to leave some space to build skyscrapers. But further analysis world make it cleat that the advantages of globalization overtakes disadvantages.

Having considered all the arguments above, personally I think that globalization has changed our lives positively. We are modern people, so that we should think forward, but at the same time, our society must develop critically.


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