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Woodshop Basement Report

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Basement Model Report

To start the model I created the base first, we were given a piece of flat wood 12 x 16 inches. I then drew out an outline to follow, first I measured 1 inch from the outside of the base from all sides and marked up the whole perimeter, then using that, I drew a ā€œLā€ by creating another line 2 inches from the first line horizontally, and 2 inches from the first line vertically. I also drew a small square on the opposite corner that was 2 inches squared, after all the rough marks were drawn with a permanent marker I retraced over the perimeter of the L and square, and erased all the other markings. The next step required using the mitre saw and table saw. I first cut multiple pieces 1 inch thick and the length corresponded with the measurements on my base, so that the pieces of wood essentially created a frame to pour the concrete in. When all my pieces were done and down, I marked up where each of the screws were going to be so that the framing would stay in place. Then using the drill and drill bit I drilled holes going through the base on each marking I made for the screws. I flipped the base over and using a different drill bit that was wider I re-drilled on the previous holes to create a groove so that the heads of the screws would nuzzle in and not stick out. Now to drill everything in place. Using clamps, I clamped the pieces of wood in place one by one, and screwed the screws in so everything was in together. When that was all done, I flipped the base back over, and drilled 6 more screws in the centre of the L, weaved electrical wire between them and 2 more screws in the centre of the square, so that the cement has something to grab on to. When all of this was finished, I poured the concrete in, to prepare the concrete first, I mixed the sand mix with the right amount of water until perfect consistency. Then I put it in each of the framed shapes, this is to create the footing of this basement model. During this process I every so...


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