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Abhishek Das Roy,CLASS X A,Techno India Group Public School,Siliguri It is in the human nature that whenever a person falls in trouble, they lie or tend to lie to get out of the situation. But to keep the secret, we have to lie again and again. But this can be avoided through determination and sincerity. There was a boy who stole money from his mother’s purse just to buy a candy. He thought his mother wouldn’t approve as his dentist told him that he must totally stop eating any sweets. But he was adamant and bought the candy. So, when his mother opened her purse and noticed that some money was missing, she searched everywhere for the money because that money was very important as they were very poor. She asked her son about the money to which the son replied that he doesn’t know where the money is. Unfortunately the boy forgot to throw away the wrapper of the candy and the mother noticed it. When she asked him that from where he got the money to buy the candy, he said that a shopkeeper gave him that for free. When she asked him to show the shop to her, the boy knew he was in trouble. He delayed the matter for the next day. All this time the mother knew that her son has been lying to her, but she wanted to find the truth so that she could give her son an important lesson in life. They visited the shop next day and when they reached in front of the shop, the boy started to cry. At last he confessed to his mother, saying sorry. His mother told him that she knew the whole thing in the first place and was expecting him to confess it earlier. So, if the boy would have told his mother that he stole the money, he would not have fallen into so much trouble. Thus a person should always have the courage to accept and face the truth in life, because a person must know that there will be consequences always for any act. =============


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