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Chinese Culture

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Trying to Find Chinatown” is written by David Henry Hwang. His parents are Chinese immigrants and pursued American dream. Hwang was successful in field of play. “Two Kinds” is written by Amy Tan. Her parents also are immigrant for China. Even though one is play, one is fiction. They both have similarity and difference.
First of all, “Trying to Find Chinatown” and “Two Kinds” have two main characters. In “Trying to Find Chinatown”, one main character is Benjamin. He is trying to find his roots and feel a sense of belonging. He thinks he knows much more history of China than others because he took Asian-American studies at U.C... He considers himself is Caucasian Asian-American. Benjamin is a polite and gentle person. It shows in their conversation, such as “What I mean is, maybe in exchange, you could help me-?”(804). Benjamin uses “could” for permit instead of “you must help me.” Another main character is Ronnie. Ronnie is a street musician. Benjamin stopped him and ask the direction in Chinatown. Ronnie just knows a little bit of China and he mixes up with African and European elements. He thought he is Asian-American because his skin tone. Ronnie is an impulsive and exaggerate person. Such as “you sound like a wuss. A hick. A dipshit.” He uses very unlikely objective to talk to Benjamin.
In “Two kinds”, one main character is Jing-mei. She is a rebellious girl and caught between two cultures. She lives at a Chinese family. At everywhere else, she is
an American girl. Her mother wants her to be Successful since she was young. Tan said: “At first my mother thought I could be a Chinese Shirley Temple.” (362). Shirley Temple was an American film and television actress, singer dancer and most famous star in the 1930s. Jing-mei’ mother wants her as popular as Shirley Temple. At China, majority parents want their children to be the top of world. Jing-mei’s mother exactly is one of them. Jing-mei’s personality is more like American kids. She has her own thoughts and...


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