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We Are Often Told That

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We are often told that "you can't buy happiness". If you were richer, do you think you would be happier? Why/why not? Which do you think are generally happier - rich people or poor people?
Most people believe that they would be happier if they were richer. The belief that high income is associated with good mood is widespread but mostly illusory. However those who are rich tend to be more tense and don’t spend time in enjoyable activities. I think, if I were richer it would hardly have affected my sense of happiness because money is just a material thing, and they can affect only pecuniary ones, and a feeling of happiness I can get only by other similar feelings, such as love, well-being of my friends and relatives.
I can say that money can remove the restrictions in the performance of any that desires that are not feasible without money, for example, a buying some necessary things such as a car, a flat, food. It needs to pay the fees, living expenses. In other words, material things can be bought by money, but senses cannot be bought by it.
And now, I`ll try to answer the question: “Are poor people happier than rich people?”
In the world, there are some people who have million dollars. On the other hand, there are other people who are poor. Are rich people always happier than those who are not rich? I do not think wealthy people are always happy, since love is more important than money and constantly pursuing money will never give you true peace.
Firstly, I think there are more important things than money in our life. Love is one of them. We basically hope that we love other people and we are loved by them. In order to sustain a good relationship with each other, we would not be able to do well in sustaining good relationships with each other without love. Although rich men can buy almost all the things that they want, they can never purchase a good human relationship based on love even if they pay a bundle of bills. If they don’t have a reliable person,...


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