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Role of Students in Country Building

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Code no: - 101
  1. What is customs?
= customs refer to the specific way of behaving in a society or community.
2.     What is tradition?
= A tradition is a formed when a set of customs and beliefs are practiced regularly for a long period of time among a particular group of people.
3.     What is Art?
= Art is the creative expression.
4.     What is painting?
= Painting is the artistic work of using paints on surface of paper, wall, ground, etc.
5.     What is book painting?
= The painting found in various books is called book painting.
6.     What is scroll painting?
= The painting made on cloth is called scroll painting.
7.     What is wall painting?
= The painting made on the walls of houses, buildings, and temples is called wall painting.
8.     What is sculpture?
= The art of making different objects by caving, modeling, Moulding metal, stone, wood, glass, etc. is called sculpture.
9.     What is architecture?
= The art of planning, designing and constructing a place of dwelling such as temples, forts, inns, etc. is called architecture.
10.   What is secularism?
= Secularism is a state of not having a particular religion by the country in which none of the state affairs are influence by any particular religion.                            

Code no :- 102

1.   What is development?    
= Development is the process of positive change.
2. What is HDI?
= HDI is a composite statistic used to rank countries by the level of human development.
3. What is sustainable development?
= Sustainable development means the meeting of needs of the present generation without compromising the need of future generation.      
4. What is infrastructure of development?
= Such basic facilities, means, resources and services available for the economic and social development are called infrastructure of development.
5. What is education?
= Education is the process of imparting and acquiring the knowledge through school and especially at institution.


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