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inexperience - not knowing how to react to a situation can cause an accident, such as, your sitting at a red light, the light turns green, you go, you look right and a truck is about to run the red light and hit you, most people would react by slamming on the brakes because they thinking coming to a stop will protect them, however, stopping in the intersection would most likely cause someone to rear-end you and would put you in the way of the truck, the correct response that most highly experience drivers will react is by hitting the gas and accelerating out of the way of the truck.

irresponsibility - being irresponsible could mean that you don't maintain your vehicle properly, and this could cause a critical failure in the vehicle such as inability to brake, your power steering pump could break in the middle of a turn and cause you to lose control, etc...

inconsideration - being inconsiderate could simply mean that you didn't consider who has the right of way in a situation, and you could go out of turn and run into someone else.

ignorance - if you are ignorant of road conditions such as black ice or hydroplaning could easily cause you to lose control of you vehicle.

inability - if someone has a mental disability then they are obviously unable to respond quick enough to avoid an accident, also if someone is unable to use the arms and legs quickly, they might not react fast enough like stepping on the brakes in an emergency.

inattention - if you arn't paying attention to the road and the traffic around you, you could run a red light, or like my friend recently did, you could be driving and texting, then you look up from a text and realize that the road is turning but you are not, so you over-correct and go flying into the woods

impairment - drunk driving is the most well known, but driving while under the influence of other substances such as ganja (pot) or cocaine can impair your ability to react correctly and in a timely manner....


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