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Compare Old Ben and Fox

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Compare Essay Old Ben and Fox Hunt

The last two short stories that I have read were very intriguing.   I felt so inclined to write a comparison essay between their flashbacks and foreshadowing’s.   Within their flashbacks both stories gave important information.   In the foreshadowing’s, it helped the reader comprehend what was happening and creates suspense.  
In Old Ben, the foreshadowing came early such as when the story states “my father always told me there is only one good snake – a dead one.” The significance of this is that his father doesn’t like snakes and will never let him keep one.   In Fox Hunt, the foreshadowing came when Andy said “I didn’t mean to crash into you.   That dog always growls at me, but today he is really barking like crazy.”   The girl responds that the dog didn’t like her much either.   The significance of this is that the girl that the dog barked at must be special because the dog only barked at Andy.  
One of the flashbacks in this that Old Ben has been missing and the father said “he probably hold up for the winter” which means that the father has had experience with snakes before and knows how evil they can be.   In Fox Hunt, the mother said “well the Liangs haven’t always been Mandarin.   They used to be quite poor.”   This means that the family will try very hard to succeed in the new country because if one of them succeeded and made them richer, then all will try very hard to succeed.  
In conclusion, without these foreshadowing’s and flashbacks, it would make the story more confusing and difficult to comprehend, and a distasteful read.   For the reasons mentioned above, the stories are interesting and fun to read.


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