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Some differences between British and Chinese education  

2008-06-28 20:40:27|  分类: 默认分类|举报|字号 订阅We learned some differences between British and Chinese education from our textbooks. In fact, everything in the word has its both sides. The education in China and Britain has advantages and disadvantages. The differences are as follows:1. The emphasis of education: practice or theoryUK schools focus on the development of one's personalities which is often neglected by Chinese schools.UK school shows more concerns on the student's ability cultivations while Chinese school pays more attention to the grades that a student may achieve. We can feel a little bit freedom in UK school which seems to be limited to some extend in Chinese school.UK school concerns most about practice, but Chinese school concern more education than practice. Students in the west usually start school at 9am and finish at 3.30pm, leaving them plenty of time to be creative, play sport and learn about life in general. All of the western educational systems recognize the importance of teaching the young about their future lives as adults and the responsibilities they face. Student learning, in the west, is no longer only in the classroom because of the changes in technology. Computers, particularly laptops now mean that students can study anywhere anytime online and use the internet as a wonderful source of information and reference. There is much more pressure on the students here to achieve top marks and so enter top universities.  Education must meet the challenges of a changing world, and in doing so, no student must be left behind. Teachers teach our students for the world that will be, not the world that was and will not come again. Meanwhile the English educational system prepares students for opportunities, responsibilities and the experiences of the adult life they will have in the future.The England educational system has changed because they found that they had so many people with degrees...


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