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Identify and Explain Five Metrics Used to Evaluate Hr Performance

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March 22, 2013

Question #1:   Identify and explain five metrics used to evaluate HR performance.

Today employers expect their human resource managers to contribute to the success of the organization and create value.   The human resource professional must create a strategy focused HR system.   There are many different metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness of the human resource department such as the HR scorecard which, is a measurement system used to quantify human resource activities and measure employee behaviors resulting from these activities, and to measure the strategic relevancy.
There are three pieces of information that the manager needs to create an HR Scorecard.   First, the manager must know the company’s strategic plan and/or organizational goals.   Second, the manager needs to understand the relationship or link between the employee’s behavior, the overall organization performance and how it all relates to the HR activities.   Third, the manager needs a concise tool he or she can use to measure all the activity and results.
The first step in the HR Scorecard process is to evaluate HR performance and to define the organization’s strategic [i]plan, which, is “the company’s plan for how it will match its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantage.”
The second step is to outline the Company’s Value Chain by engaging in strategic activities.   Value chain analysis is useful and can help recognize the primary

activities that create value for the customer by identifying, visualizing, isolating and evaluating the most important activities; the manager will better understand what drives results and performance within their company.
Another step would be to identify the required HR system policies and activities by asking what behaviors and competencies must the employees’ exhibit to produce the desired outcome.   For example, the manager might create a new...


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