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The Education Difference Between Uk and China

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I will talk about our sales strategy. First, our advertising strategy, and we focus on three channels. As we are all known, women are complicated, they are liar and they are interesting, so why not celebrate all of these little things ? Let’s look at our TV advertising.
What the spirit of this advertisement? The woman walked down the hallway and took off the jewelry, she also climbed through the ceiling and kept going up, which is the spirit of our brand –never stop, and always keep one step ahead than others. Then our recessive advertisement in a film, you can enjoy a fragment of this film. The girl’s dress is our new product, and the film will release at next mouth, and at that time we will launch our new products. Next   our outdoor advertising. The shooting will be finished after two weeks and will be put into market. It is bound to lead the trend after our adverting put into the market.
In order to promote sales we need to make a good propaganda. Magazine is the most help, they can ensure our products can reach the desired customers directly, which can raise brand awareness. Next the fashion show in sales point. This will attract more customers and increase their desire to purchase. Then sponsor clothes for some famous people, they are most people’s models and imitated by them, which can bring us new customers. Then interview designer is also can raise our brand image.
Finally, Personal selling strategy is the important. We can tailor-made for our customers, and our staffs are well trained, and they can select the most suitable dress for customers’ body, and we also provide good service, so we can make our brand loyalty better. We will make consumer satisfaction questionnaire to know more about our products and get some good suggestions, and we should also know our competitors. Only in this way, we can know the market better, and make good choice.


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