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Book That I Like

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I have read a lot of books. They appear to me in different ways. But the book that. I like best is "Letters from a father to his daughter". The late Jawaharlal is the author of this book. This is a series of letters written by Nehru to his nine years old daughter Indira. This is a very interesting and instructive book. This is a book of lasting value no doubt. So, this book has been many times, approved as a Rapid Reader for the school and the college students.
Contents of the books:
The book deals with the birth and development of the animal world. This book deals with the birth and development of the human civilization. They are written in right order. There are thirty chapters in all in this little book. There are fourteen pictures in this book, these pictures are of some fossil fishes, extinct animals, tells of the New Stone age and the old stone age, houses built in a lake, picture writing, the Great wall of China and the ruins in Egypt. The author has given very good pieces of advice too, here and there in this book. Hence, this is a very useful book for the students. It is written in English.
Why it appeals to me:
This book appeals to me to a great extent, because the language is very simple and easy to understand. The matter is presented in a very clear and lucid manner. The description is lively. It is not complicated. The complex ideas have been simplified. This is a book of history, geography, natural science and philosophy. It is full of general knowledge about our past. So, this book appeals me very much.
This book is widely read in the world. Because it is a very good book, I think this book will certainly appeal to any reader. Every student should read this book.


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