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CHECK-LIST ________________________________ _

_____________________LAWS & DEFINITIONS ________________________ ____________ 1-Electric field 2-Electric flux 3- Pot. gradient 4-Equi.pot.surface 5- Dipole moment 6-Superpositionprinciple 7- Pot. energy of two charges 8-Electric field lines 9-Gauss’s law 10-Dielectric 11-Dielecric constant 12-Polar & non polar 13_Drift velocity 14-Mobility 15-Color codes 16-Resistivity 17-Internal resistance 18- emf 19-Kirchoffs laws 20-Circuit of ohms law 21-Power 22 -Joules law 23-Rt hand rule 24-Biot Savart’s law 25-Ampere circuital law 26-Lorentz force 27-Ampere 28-Magnetic moment 29-Dip 30-Declination 31-Hysteresis 32-Susceptibility 33-Curie law 34-Magnetic flux 35-Faradays laws 36-Lenzs law 37-Eddy current 38-Henry 39-RMS value 40-Mean value 41-Q -factor 42-Xc,XL 43-Impedance 44-Power factor 45-Resonance 46-Wattlessness 47-Refr Index 48-T I R 49 Optical fiber 50--Snells law 51-Optical centre 52-Focal length 53-Power 54-Magnification 55-Angular dispersion 56-Rayleighs law 57-Resolving power 58-Defects of vision 59-Wave front 60- Huygens Principle 61- Polarization 62- Constr/destructive 63-Coherent sources 64- Superposition principle 65-Brewsters law 66- Malus law 67-Polaroid 68-Threshold freq 69-Work function 70-Stopping Pot. 71-Einsteins explanation 72-Laws of PE effect 73-DeBroglie 74-Rutherford’s expt 75-eV 76-Bohr postulates 77-Binding Energy 78-Radius of nucleus 79-Nuclear force 80-Mass defect 81-alfa decay 82-beta decay 83- gama decay 84-Half life 85-Decay constant 86-p/n types 87-Depletion layer 88- Diode chars. 89-Photo diode 90-LED 91- solar cell 92-Zener diode 93-Transistor Characteristics 94-Active region 95-Current gain beta 96-Truth tables 97-Displacement current 98-Need of modulation 99-spacewave propagation 100-Range of TV tower



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1-E & V due to dipole...


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