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Visiting a Museum Is Not Always the Best Way to Learn About a Country

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Visiting a museum is not always the best way to learn about the country.
Technically, we should know many aspects of a country in order to say we have learned about it. Museums although is a great place for learning a country, especially those exotic countries, I do not think that it is the best place for truly understanding a country. Each of the following is the reasons I list for supporting my opinion.
The first reason is because the content of museums is usually focused on knowledge. Our lives are quite different from what we see from museums. This is because museums usually have an approach from history’s point of view not from culture. You can’t really deduce how people live by looking at some pots in a glass case. Of course there will be captions but, do people read them? Even if they did, they would only know a portion of what the country is.
The second reason is because museums are obsolete. Museums aren’t smartphones. It can’t update itself on its own. It takes time and money to reinstall all the exhibits in the museum. Of course there is no doubt that museums are the best ways to learning a country but, present life is an excluded part of content.
There are better methods than visiting a museum when learning about a country. I think that the most up to date method of learning a country is through the news and SNS. Posts on Social Network Services are usually from spot and news broadcasts are from credible sources. These mediums deal with live issues and provide us with information that we can learn. Another good way is to take a tour of the city. Major cities with many tourist attractions usually have city tour buses. If you spend some money, you can buy a ticket for buses like this. This, apart from the news has its own benefits. You can get a deep inside look of how average citizens live.
There is a reason why people prefer city tour buses over visiting museums. I would prefer not to visit museums because they are so knowledge based, and...


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