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Worse Day of My Life

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Everyday in my life since I started college has been the same. It seems like I do the same thing everyday without remembering that I did that the day before or just yesterday. It's like a somewhat automatic repeat of my day and I don’t even realize it.

I usually always wake up at around 8:00am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to go to school. Only on those three days I wake up early. On Tuesday and Thursday I wake up just a little bite later, around 11am or 12pm. I usually study all day long when I don’t go to school on those two days. There has never been weekdays were I haven't followed this incidental procedure, well maybe only on long weekends and holidays.

My Saturdays and Sundays are also usually similar to any other regular weekend. I always get loads of homework on Fridays, so both days of my free weekend is gone by studying. I never studied on the weekends when I was in high school. Know that I am in college, I have become more mature, and focused then ever, mentally.

College has totally changed my sleeping habits also. I usually sleep at either 2 or 3 am everyday regardless of having school the next day or not. I think the reason why I will not go to sleep is because know I am more worried about getting my studying done ahead of time, rather then waiting to the last minute. I am glad that college has made me become more positive about studying.

This procedure has really made me a better and a positive person, because I have actually opened myself up to ask more questions, and paying more attention during classes. My thoughts and feeling are opening up more often. The people who already had there first year in college might actually understand my viewpoint. First year in college is the best year, in which you’ve become mature, focused, metally alert, and also trying to find out what career opportunities are available.


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