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Bicentennial Man

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"Today we declare you The Bicentennial Man, Mr. Martin.  Andrew Martin started off as a very unique robot and had continued to grow inside, outside and as a human. He had feelings unlike other robots and wanted to fulfill his destiny and be declared a man. Andrew changes the appearance of his inner and outer form to become that of a human. Her earns his own income by carving items out of wood and sells them to others. Eventually he learns to live on his own and in a house to himself. After time he even learns to fall in love with another human and earn her love, respect and trust in return. There are quite a few differences between The Bicentennial Man movie and the story but also many similarities with both.
Andrew Martin wanted to be more like a human being and change his appearance inside and out. In the movie he changes his facial features so that he is able to show emotions and feelings. In the book he does not obtain male organs that would allow him to perform sexual activities unlike in the movie. In both the movie and the story he creates artificial organs that help others live longer, including humans. He changes his outer metallic form for real looking skin. Andrew is programmed to live forever, at least theoretically, and this puts him in conflict with the life he wants to lead, especially the fact that he feels much more human than robotic, and that everyone he loves grows old, and then dies. He eventually changes his life expectancy so that he will sooner or later not be able to function any more as Andrew would put it.
Portia is Lil' Misses granddaughter whom Andrew has his heart set on. He falls madly in love with her and wishes to marry her. The problem is that society will not accept them because he isn't human. They live the rest of their life together and end up lying side by side as Andrew died while watching the World Legislature declare him The Bicentennial Man. When that was being discussed in the story he was able to stay alive and die...


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