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Difference Between Vacuum Degasser and Poor Boy Degasser Fluid Processing

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The vacuum degasser http://www.kosungroup.com/products/solids-control-equipment/vacuum-degasser.html is placed after the shale shaker, the drilling mud after treatment from shale shaker will underflow into the shaker tank waiting for the further treatment by hydrocyclone. Here, we need centrifugal pump to feed the drilling mud to the cyclone. Besides, the functions mentioned above, the vacuum degasser could help the centrifugal pump performance well, for the pump suck the drilling mud by producing a vacuum inner it, if the gas in the drilling mud was not removed, the efficience of the centrifugal pump would reduce more and the impeller would be damaged.

In order to separate the gas effectively in the drilling, so an efficient degasser is essential to the safe and productive drilling operations. Since gas is practically insoluble in water, it is relatively easy to detect and remove. By comparison, gas is easily soluble in oil-based mud-its detection is more difficult as well as its removal. Regardless of the composition of the gas encountered, gas existing in the mud can decrease efficiencies in rig pump, centrifugal pump http://www.kosungroup.com/products/solids-control-equipment/centrifugal-pump.html and associated operational solids control equipment. The goal is to “Keep the Pumps Operating”.

Difference between Vacuum Degasser and Poor Boy Degasser Fluid Processing
Vacuum degasser is usually used to separate less gas than poor boy degasserhttp://www.kosungroup.com/products/solids-control-equipment/vacuum-degasser.html. Although they both are degassing devices. Poor boy degasser is set up before shale shaker in the oil and gas well drilling. Before fluid flows to shale shaker it need to be processed by poor boy degasser for safety working condition. Especially when the well depth is more than 4km.

A sand pump would be used to pump the drilling mud from the second compartment up to the vacuum degasser. The drilling mud enters into the vacuum tank through...


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