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Controlling Urban Sprawl

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Controlling urban (or suburban) sprawl
Urban sprawl refers to the migration of a population from populated towns and cities to low density residential development over more and more rural land.  The end result is the spreading of a city and its suburbs over more and more rural land. In other words, urban sprawl is defined as low density residential and commercial development on undeveloped land.
Take place on urban areas. It affects everyone, every animals and plants on the planet. Urban sprawl takes up the rural areas and makes them become urban and that takes away animal habitats and also takes away trees and plants that give us oxygen.
Why it is a concern:
Effects of urban sprawl:
  1. Increased of traffic
Populations will begin to use their cars more often, more traffic on the roads, more air pollution and more auto accidents.
  2. Health issues
When people use their vehicles, people are going to be more overweight and are also going to have to deal other diseases that come about with overweighting.
  3. Environmental issues
You will be displacing the wildlife that lives in those lands.
  4. Impact on social lifes
People don’t have neighbors that live as close, which means that they won’t really stay as social as they should.
  1. make people aware of the problem
This will hopefully slow down the rate of development because more people will buy houses inside the city limits and restrain from new, recently developed areas.
  2. enforce birth control.
Will slow the growing of population
        Withdraw: serious of problems will be caused by aging society.
                  (shorter of workers, need of better health care, increase in the dependency ratio)



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