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‘the Outbreak of War in Europe in 1914 Was Due to an Aggressive German Foreign Policy Which Had Been Waged Since C.1900.’

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‘The outbreak of war in Europe in 1914 was due to an aggressive German foreign policy which had been waged since c.1900.’

How far do you agree with this opinion?

It has been a matter of controversy whether Germany went to war with aggressive or defensive intentions. Source V seems to be of the opinion that Germany went to war solely for defensive reasons due to the extensive amount of alliances that encircled her as well as diplomatic tension. On the whole, Source W seems to take the opposite approach deeming how Germany’s aggressive actions since the turn of the century resulted in war. Source X expresses that there is great controversy but points towards the fact that Germany had always wanted colonial expansion. Where there seems to be an array of information that backs up this point. The source also brings in the factor that Germany had to act due to being in an alliance with Austria-Hungary whom had increasing conflict with Serbia, however, this with little evidence. Therefore, I maintain that outbreak of war in Europe was due to an aggressive foreign policy which had been waged c.1900.

Firstly, the view that Germany carried out a defensive foreign policy is supported in Source V which states that Germany, ‘felt encircled not only by the triple entente but also by the forces of change’. Indeed an extensive alliance system did surround Germany but the question is how much of a threat were they. In 1904 Britain ended her policy of ‘splendid isolation’ creating the entente cordiale with France, Russia joined three years later resulting in the Tipple Entente. Although it could be argued that Germany felt threatened by this alliance system, there was belief that this was only an alliance of ‘good will’. In contrast, Germany seemed to maintain more secure treaties as they were a member of the triple alliance with Austria- Hungary and Italy. These countries had officially declared their allegiance towards each other so therefore it could be argued how Germany did...


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