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Biomass Steam Boiler Water-Steam System

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Biomass steam boiler water-steam system
In the process of biomass steam boiler use,we should pay special attention to its water-steam system to ensure the stable steam generating.Biomass steam boiler   water-steam system is to absorb the heat fuel released,make the water eventually become the steam of specified pressure and temperature,it consists of drum,water wall,superheater,reheater, down pipe,economizer and other parts,the following analysis about the composition of biomass steam boiler water-steam system will be given by ZG for your reference:
Drum:The main role of the drum is the working medium heating,evaporation,overheating connection hub,inside the drum,there are steam-water separating device and continuous blowdown device to ensure the quality of boiler steam,it can reserve a certain amount of water and heat to ensure that the biomass steam boiler safe operation.
Water wall:The water wall is the main heated parts,it consists of several rows of steel pipe distributed around the boiler furnace,its internal water wall is the flow of water or steam,the outside accepts the heat from the boiler furnace flame.
Reheater:The role of reheater is to bring the steam having done part of work in the turbine back to the boiler and heat it again,after raising the temperature, the steam is sent to the turbine to do work again,the steam through reheating is called reheat steam.
Besides,the economizer of biomass steam boiler is an important device to save coal and improve the feed water temperature.ZG biomass steam boiler adopts the high quality auxiliary equipment and automatic control equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation,if you want to know more,do not hesitate to contact us!


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